Jumbo Japanese Quail Standards and Colors

We have been working with over a dozen professional breeders to outline a working Standard for the Jumbo Japanese Quail.

Our own “Tatanka” standard calls for a bird to reach 10 oz. (280g) by 42 days. We cull often.

We only set eggs that are at least 14 grams.

We have been keeping track of our weights weekly for over 15 hatches now, crossing the fastest growing coturnix. Here is a link to our online data library and our weight standards we use.


We have several birds that reached 320+ grams by 42 days. These birds now make up the bulk of our breeding program.

This is one of our breeding females that made 380 grams at 40 days.


We have also been working on Coturnix Color Standards and we have several threads on various forums attributed to our team of breeders.

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