09 Breeding

Breeder stock selection is a very important milestone in any successful animal husbandry endeavor. Selecting breeding stock that meet your desired traits is the first step in developing your personalized covey of Quail.

When just starting out you may have to purchase hatching eggs or chicks from a breeder.

We suggest you first search locally for a professional breeder. If you order hatching eggs via mail or internet make sure to ask the breeder several tough questions.

- What are the exact weights of your breeder birds?

- What is the hen to cock bird ratio?

- How fresh are the eggs I will receive?

- How big are the eggs I will receive?

- What color birds will I receive and will they breed true?

- Is there a guarantee on package delivery date?


We found it best and we were lucky enough to acquire our original breeding stock from several reputable sources-

Mr. J.J Maines, Florida; Mr. B. Heard, Kansas and the late Miss Ruth from Waccassassa, Florida. We now collaborate with others across several states to improve the birds. We have friends in Rhode Island and Colorado working with similar guidelines and birds from the same foundation stock.

Our potential breeding stock must now make certain weights at predetermined ages to avoid culling or demotion to the meat grow-out pens.

Our fastest growing hen was 290 grams (10+ oz.) at just 36 days of age.

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