01 Incubating

Many theories on incubating Quail eggs can be googled. Individual results will vary greatly.

We weigh and grade all the eggs before setting them. We only set eggs that are 14+ grams. We have had the best success with eggs that weighed between 14 and 17 grams.

When selecting hatching eggs, make sure they are uniform in size and shape.

We only set this one egg below out of all 3 of these eggs. It has nice size, coloring and shape.

We recommend a forced air incubator set at 100 degrees and 40% humidity for the first 15 days. The eggs should be turned 3 times per day.

Some of our eggs are too large for Quail rails on turners. We have to use the chicken egg turner.

At 15 days we move eggs to our hatcher set at 100 degrees with 60% humidity for “lockdown” and discontinue turning. We have also learned to hatch eggs in the upright position.

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