08 Processing

After Culling, Processing and Butchering Quail may be the hardest “Quail thing” you do.

It wasn’t until we found the large, line-bred, “Ta-tanka” brown Quail that the reward was greater than the task. Now, butchering Quail is just “what we do” when we want to eat some Quail!

You can either leave the skin on by plucking the feathers or you can skin the bird.

The real bonus with raising and eating your own Quail is that you don’t have to watch out for the lead shot.

There are many videos available on youtube.com detailing the slaughter and processing of Quail.

Warning- The videos below are graphic and involve livestock and wildlife being butchered for human consumption.

The videos below are property of the original posters but we want to give credit for ingenuity and time saved.

Butchering a Japanese Quail

Removing the feathers from a Japanese Quail

A very efficient way to Skin and Process a Japanese Quail

1 method to debone a Japanese Quail

Another method to debone a Japanese Quail

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