05 Growing

Coturnix Quail that are selectively bred for fast weight gain and larger carcass sizes grow very fast through 8 weeks of age. We provide double the recommended floor space for our birds. Our birds often sleep with their legs sprawled out across the pen.

For our grow out birds- light, food and water are readily available at all times to help encourage the anabolic state required for muscle and bone growth.

We have had success with our “keepers”, breeder birds, reaching 10+ oz by just 6 weeks of age, some sooner. We butcher all birds that do not reach 280 grams at 42 days.

Keeping records is important. We weigh our birds at regular intervals and cull smaller birds. We use zip-ties to mark quick growers to track their progress.

26 days

36 days

64 days, this hen made the “layer” pens, laying a 14+ gram egg daily.

another decent hen at 64 days.

We know there will be skeptics, there should be. How about some video of a bird on a scale? and, of course, we will test the accuracy of the scale first.

One of our “breeders” below.

This is a 21 week old bird from Mr. B. Heard in Kansas. 1 in 1000 (0.1%), Japanese Quail may grow this large. We hatched eggs and are currently brooding her young in hopes of crossing with our birds.

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